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Jamie Pulliam

One-on-one sessions are designed for employees who are working hard to help grow the business — and are preparing to take on more responsibility as the team grows. 


We'll work to identify personal & professional goals, develop a plan to achieve them, hold accountability, and track how our work progresses.

60-minute sessions, once per week

$800/month with a 3 month commitment

Management Development

Team sessions are for employee teams up to 6 people (larger teams require their own scope to ensure value).

I'll get to know the team and each employee in addition to the basics of their day-to-day. Up front, I'll share insights on the group dynamics as well as individual needs and will work with the team to set goals based on their specific needs.

60-minute sessions, once per week

30-minute leadership catch-ups, once per month

$1500/month with a 3 month commitment

Team Growth

Sessions with employees/teams tackle the key areas of teamwork and collaboration: communication, strategic planning, goal-setting and tracking, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, problem-solving, decision-making, creativity, innovation, adaptability, and project management. And when relevant, we can bring in extra workshops for deepening the team's general business acumen.

If your team is working on personal & professional growth that drives meaningful change in their day-to-day, and thus within your business, I'm here to provide them with extra guidance and support!



The impact we’ve seen internally since starting group coaching has been huge. We’ve watched the team integrate business concepts and best practices into their day-to-day, noticed everyone take more ownership over their work, and have seen proactive collaboration become the norm (we were at a place where everyone was working in silo’s due to location and size of teams).


Having Jamie support our people weekly has not only helped their professional development, but her feedback and thoughts along the way are helping us at a leadership level as we plan our company’s growth.


— Genevieve  S, COO

We begin with a casual chat.

Schedule a (no cost)

15-min intro call here!

If my support is what you're looking for, we'll book and begin with a 90-min goal articulation.

From here we'll meet regularly, using a catered approach, to drive toward your goals.

Getting started is simple...