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Jamie Pulliam

Career Retrospective

Gosh, I've had the pleasure of working on some exciting projects... a few highlights from my film and advertising days: 


Producing a Super Bowl spot for M&Ms, styling Selena Gomez’s shoes for an ADIDAS campaign, producing a Sony spot with Wes Anderson, doing Maye Musk's makeup (Elon Musk's mom) for an editorial shoot, working directly with Steve Jobs on Apple's animated holiday campaign, styling social media content for brands like Starbucks and REI, and creative directing ICON Network's yearly influencer summit. 


I held both management and creative roles gaining deep insights into content production, brand work, and marketing.


Wanting to move away from big advertising… I transitioned into tech inspired by the opportunity to make a positive impact at scale. This work spanned many industries helping me develop business strategy & management skills — in addition to deep learning within healthcare regulations & politics, digital & guerrilla marketing, fundraising on Sand Hill Road, building and developing teams across marketing, customer service, & product, and managing communications between NASA and the private sector (helping the team on the International Space Station get access to the technologies they need).


Fun fact: I interviewed at Theranos a few months before the scandal broke (they passed on me, best rejection of my life!)

Present day, I'm thrilled to use the skills and business knowledge I've gained to support local business owners and the communities they serve.

  • Business Strategy & Operations

  • People Leadership & Management

  • Marketing Strategy & Execution

  • Communications & Crisis Management

  • Content Production

  • Executive Project Management

  • Financial Management & Analysis

  • Change Management & Technology Implementation

  • Customer Experience

Business Skills

  • Goal Setting & Accountability

  • Team Dynamics Enhancement

  • Marketing Leadership & Brand Messaging

  • Effective Communication & Conflict Resolution

  • Executive Decision-Making & Project Oversight

  • Financial Leadership & Budget Management

  • Adaptability for Change Management & Tech Integration

  • Customer-Centric Strategies for Enhanced Service Delivery

Coaching Skills

  • BS in Psychology

  • Licensed in Behavior Analytics

  • Executive Development through Johnson & Johnson

  • Media Relations & PR Training with Helio Fred Garcia

  • Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Training

  • DEIB Trainings

  • Healthcare Ethics & Compliance 

  • Change Management Certification with IDEO U

  • Innovation & Business Acumen via Stanford MedX and ETL Series

Related Training


  • Achieved a 21% increase in revenue within 7 months by implementing a strategic B2B partnership program

  • Reduced operational costs by 17% within 6 months through optimizing workflows

  • Improved employee engagement by 34% within a year, measured by quantitative and qualitative measures

  • Increased team productivity by 34% within 9 months, evidenced by project completion rates and performance KPI's

  • Moved the needle from 58% awareness and 16% positive regard to 91% awareness and 62% positive regard in one year, exceeding stretch goals!

  • Increased qualified leads by 35% over a period of 8 months through enhanced marketing strategies

  • Expanded content reach by 51% within 7 months, shown by engagement metrics

  • Achieved 22% ROI on content marketing efforts in 10 months

  • Improved client satisfaction by 38% in one year, measured by retention and NPS surveys

  • Maintained 97% adherence rate to annual P&L in 2 year role

  • Improved financial health score by 25% within first year as measured by liquidity and debt-to-equity ratios

  • Supported custom build of project management tracking migration from Asana to — enabling faster rollout and team trainings

  • Successfully integrated 3 new technology tools within first 8 months, reducing project management time across departments

  • Launched successful pilot programs, giving valuable insight into strategic product launches and feature development, leading to a 14% increase in market share

  • Created and implemented a brand training cutting customer service call times by 42%

  • Evolved brand messaging, cutting customer complaints by 22% and increasing sales by 17% in the first 3 months

  • Improved customer retention by 15% in 9 months by implementing a customer feedback system, enhancing post-purchase support, and introducing personalized customer engagement strategies.




  • Professional Growth and Performance

  • Aligning Personal Goals with Organizational Objectives

  • Leading Change and Innovation Initiatives

  • Building and Sustaining Healthy Culture

  • Leveraging Leadership to Drive Business Results

  • Enhancing Executive Presence and Influence


Leadership Teams

  • Cultivating Shared Vision and Goals

  • Improving Collective Decision-Making Abilities

  • Strengthening Collaborative Strategic Planning

  • Facilitating Effective Communication

  • Managing Conflict and Leveraging Diversity

  • Enhancing Team Accountability and Performance Metrics

  • Driving Organizational Goals Through Unified Leadership

  • Leading Through Example: Modeling Organizational Values

Executive Leadership


  • Professional Development within Organization​

  • Project & People Management

  • Goal Setting, Tracking, & Reporting



  • Facilitating Team Building & Cohesion

  • Navigating and Resolving Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Enhancing Team Communication & Trust

  • Recognizing and Utilizing Individual Team Member Strengths

  • Harmonizing Team Strengths

  • Developing Inclusive Project Management Practices

  • Fostering Proactive Collaboration through Mindset & Culture

  • Effective Cross-Functional Teamwork Coaching

  • Enhancing Creative Problem-Solving as a Team

  • Implementing Collaborative Decision-Making Processes

  • Cohesive Goal Setting, Laddering up to Company Goals

Employee Development

Goal Setting and Tracking

  • Identifying current goals​

  • Assessing relevance and priority 

  • Progress Tracking:

    • Reviewing and assessing weekly progress towards goals

    • Discussing challenges and successes in recent tasks and projects

In-Depth Sessions

  • Goal Refinement:

    • Fine-tuning short-term and long-term goals based on recent achievements and feedback

    • Setting specific objectives for the coming week

  • Feedback and Coaching:

    • Providing targeted feedback on recent performance

    • Providing a fresh perspective on progress and analyzing options

  • Motivation and Support:

    • Offering encouragement and strategies to maintain motivation

    • Identifying barriers to goal attainment

    • Support with risk mitigation

Accountability Support

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