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Jamie Pulliam

One-on-one sessions are designed for business owners & leaders who prioritize empowerment and belonging.


I draw on experience in leadership, operations, people management, and marketing, in addition to insights from psychology and human behavior.

60-minute sessions, once per week

$1200/month with a 3 month commitment

Owners and Executives

Team sessions for leadership teams of 3-5 people bring the same focus and skill building, but with an added focus on understanding and improving team dynamics. This work is a balance of personal and professional growth as it relates to the work and the challenges the team is currently tackling.

60-minute sessions, once per week

$2400/month, with a 3 month commitment

Leadership Teams

My sessions tackle a range of key areas including effective communication, strategic decision-making, and self-awareness. Through a combination of practical exercises, reflective discussions, and actionable feedback, you'll gain valuable insights and tools to enhance leadership expertise. 


If you're focused on personal & professional growth that drives meaningful change in your business, I'm here to provide guidance and support!



My work with Jamie touched a lot of areas across the business. A lasting impact has been seeing how strategic planning can strengthen our chances of success. I.e. working on customer profiling underscored how synergy between sales and marketing are critical, and how some documentation and planning there will yield more predictable results. 


— Davis P, Founder & CEO

We begin with a casual chat.

Schedule a (no cost)

15-min intro call here!

If my support is what you're looking for, we'll book and begin with a 90-min goal articulation.

From here we'll meet weekly to  drive toward your goals and track your progress.

Getting started is simple...

As engineers, we become fascinated with one portion of a problem. So much so that the work becomes incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t working at that level. Jamie was able to build a bridge of communication between stakeholders across the board, and ultimately help us communicate complex scientific research and development accurately yet approachably. This enabled partnership across political isles that had been stalled for almost a year. 


— Gary B, CEO & Aerospace Systems Engineer

What's on your mind?

Having Jamie’s support in creating change management plans, exploring strategic options, and talking through resourcing and scheduling has helped me so much... with her support I've been able to delegate and bring balance.


— Nora A, Director of Operations

Jamie is able to articulate the areas where process isn’t working and/or where inconsistent or problematic communication is causing business to stumble. Because of Jamie’s support, we have been able to pivot despite a couple of serious challenges.

— Matt T, Founder & CFO



Together, we'll sort out what's relevant, what's noise, and where there's opportunity.

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