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Jamie Pulliam

How it works...

These quick sessions are structured to help us stay on track and give your mind time to make informed, self-aware decisions.


We'll start by articulating your goals, and then we'll check in on progress, breaking goals down, defining success, and mitigating blockers.

30-minute sessions, once per week


These 30-minute sessions give you dedicated time each week to track the things you want to make progress on and to understand any blockers you are encountering.


Life moves quickly, it can be hard to prioritize our own development and aspirations. Sometimes just having someone to stay accountable with makes all the difference.


If you've been having a hard time identifying your goals or sustaining focus, I'm here to provide accountability support!




(it's easier with support)


With warmth and flexibility, Jamie  challenged my thinking and helped me examine assumed truths about my business, helping me think more strategically. I now understanding the challenges we're facing — and accountability check-in's help me ensure we address them with measurement and tracking.

Jad R, CEO


Jamie helped me identify my priorities and consistently accomplish the things I want to!


When I met her, I was feeling frantic and frozen at the same time. Having scheduled accountability check-in's each week has changed things more than I could have imagined.

Kevin P, CEO

Calm & Focus

Susan D, CMO

I can’t believe what a big shift I felt in the first couple weeks of working with Jamie. It’s kind of mind boggling actually!


She brings a calm focus that make it easier to prioritize and execute.


Jamie's perspective and experience in leading and managing teams helped me widen my frame of understanding, allowing me to see things that I couldn't on my own...

Ann M, Executive Producer

Top Rated Items


Wow. I didn’t realize how some of my old patterns were leading me to take on work that isn’t mine to own... at first I was shocked by the relief this brought me. Now it just feels great to have better boundaries and smoother working relationships :)


Tamara D. Director of Brand

How do you stay accountable?

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