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Introductions! 👋🏼

Hi! And thanks for taking a peek at what I have to say.

In sharing online, I aim to present my point of view to give you insight into who I am and what it's like to work with me.

Each piece will share insights from my work that my clients have found valuable — I share this with the hopes of giving you actionable insights. If you try something out I'd love to hear how it goes... or if you have questions about how to bring these insights into reality, reach out! I'm always happy to share insight into how you can adjust things to your specific situation.

Here's how each post will generally be structured, and why:


I like to begin with alignment on what the purpose of the post is about. This section will help you immediately understand why I am sharing the content.

Concept Proposed:

Before we get to the subject matter, I'll share a quick bit about the foundational concept. This articulates the underlying thought or idea that will be expanded upon.


This is where we'll get to the actual article. I label this section "perspective" because it's important to remember that this is not a single source of truth, but rather my point of view and experience. There is always room for more learning, I never want you to take my word as everything. Because it's not! I am one voice in a world of ideas and learnings :) And while there are general learnings we can take away from experience and research, every situation is unique and deserves such critical thinking.


And of course I will cite references for any info I'm using that's not from my brain.

Action Items:

Finally, we'll end with a section outlining what actions can be taken and applied. I have this section to ensure that when I create content, it is always actionable. There's plenty of information available, when I share it's important to me that it can be readily used.

Quick note:

I'm not using my blog for SEO, so my posts will be simple in design. The information is the value, not the design.

So, that's what you can expect as you peruse my posts. If you find this format helpful, wonderful! If you don't, I'd love to hear what's not working so I can adjust and refine. The best work comes from collaborative learning!

If you want to share feedback, you can post in the comments or send it directly here (these will be at the bottom of every post).

I hope that you find something here that supports you in your day-to-day, or at the very least, you find something that provokes thought and reflection.

Cheers, and thank you again for taking the time!

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